מאפיינים מרכזיים

Integrators of new and legacy test systems must choose among an enormous variety of discrete analog instrumentation from multiple vendors, increasing test system design and integration time as well as total capital expense.

ZT-Series Modular analog test instruments solve these problems.

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Digitizers, and Arbitrary Waveform Generators offer analog stimulus/measurement capabilities over a wide range of performance specifications—packaged in high-density form factors (PXI/PXIe, VXI, LXI).

ZT-Series instruments meet test and measurement challenges in multiple applications, including defense/aerospace, high energy physics, industrial control, and semiconductor test.

Flexible software and Graphical User Interface (GUI) tools complement this powerful, high-bandwidth hardware. Available VXI, PXI, and LXI configurations support industry standards for straightforward integration into new and legacy systems for any demanding analog test requirement.

  • Platform flexibility.
  • On-board signal processing.
  • Cross-Platform Commonality.
  • Intuitive software and Graphic User Interface.
  • High density form factors.
  • Compatibility with third-party tools.
  • Wide range of available specifications.
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