Vitrek PA920

מאפיינים מרכזיים

The new PA920 is the most powerful, accurate, and flexible power analyzer available on the market today available with 0.024% power accuracy. These new products provide faster sampling rates, bandwidth performance, and greater harmonic frequency, yet still easy-to-use and affordable while providing the power analysis options you need for your testing application.

  • Highest Accuracy Power Analyzer Available On The Market Today
  • Highest Precision Accuracy – 0.024%
  • Up to 500 Harmonics at 400Hz, meets Airbus avionics harmonics measurement criteria. Bar graph also features fingertip selectable numeric amplitude and phase data.
  • Large, Hi-Resolution Color Display shows all the data you want with an easy-to-use touchscreen user interface to get you up and testing in no time.
  • Modular design lets you choose up to 4 Power Measurement Channel Cards in any combination of 3 different Channel Card types.

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