Vitrek – 280X Series Power Analyzers

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Vitrek’s XiTRON 280x Series Advanced Single- and Two-Channel Power Analyzers combine an unprecedented feature set with an ideal combination of precision, speed and ease-of-use in an instrument so economical it can be on every bench.

  • Highest Performance to cost ratio in the industry
  • Up to 2000V peak and 150A peak measurable internally (external CT capable)
  • 2802 Model Equipped with Two Channels for independent or synchronous measurements, including input/out efficiency and loss
  • Base accuracy <0.08%. Current and voltage accuracies specified to less than 1mArms and 1Vrms respectively (<0.2%)
  • Measures & Displays volts, current, power frequency, harmonics (to the 100th), THD, PF, CF, K-Factor, Triplens, inrush, distortion, glitches and much more
  • Integrated line switch and inrush waveforms
  • Source or load measurements with wiring loss and voltage burden compensation
  • DC Charge and discharge measurements
  • Frequency range: DC and 20mHz-200kHz
  • Graphic Display shows numerical results, waveforms, bar graphs, startup and history charts with zoom & scroll features
  • 16-bit A/D converters at 235ksps
  • 12 User-configurable digital I/O
  • USB Flash Drive Support for data logging
  • Communications interfaces include: GPIB (IEEE488), RS-232, USB (host and device)
  • 2802 Model suitable for AC, DC, 1-phase 3-wire, 2-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, in out synchronous or independent measurements

General Specifications

Accuracy specifications are valid for one year for ambient temperatures within 5 °C of calibration temperature.

Voltage Range (Measurable): 2000V (850Vrms) max. continuous

Internal Current Range (Measurable): 150Apk (30Arms) max. continuous

External Current Transducers (Measurable): 35Vpk (15Vrms) max. continuous

Voltage & Current Accuracy: See charts below

Frequency Measurement Accuracy: 0.005%

Crest Factor Accuracy: V: (50mV + 0.01% of pk rng)/RMS value   A: 50uA + 0.01% of pk rng)/RMS value

Harmonic Accuracy (Voltage & Current): 0.02%

Waveforms: Actual, Peak Capture, Distortion, and Glitch Capture

Charts, with Zoom & Scroll: History, Startup, and Inrush

Line Switch

Max Open Voltage: 720Vpk (480Vrms)

Max Surge Current: TBD

Max On Current: 10Arms

Turn On Phase: 1° resolution

Digital Interfaces: GPIB (IEEE-488), USB (host and device), RS-232, Digital IO


Power Input: 12VDC @ 1.5A minimum output

Size: (HxWxD) 4.7″ x 13.8″ x 9.5″ (11.94cm x 35.05cm x 24.13cm)

Weight: 7.5 lbs

Operating Range: 0°C to 55°C, less than 95% R.H. (non-condensing)

Storage Range: -20°C to 670°C, less than 95% R.H. (non-condensing)

Unit is supplied with one Vitrek T5 universal external power supply, 100-240Vrms, 50-60Hz, with a 2.5mm 12VDC output plug and a three-prong IEC320 AC inlet receptacle, plus a three-prong AC power cord.

Warranty: Two Years

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