Vitrek – 2503AH High Performance Power Analyzer

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Vitrek’s High-Performance Power Analyzer provides high bandwidth to 500kHz and typical 0.05% accuracy. The measurement channels can be configured independently (asynchronous or synchronous), allowing the instrument to be set up for your specific needs.

  • 18-bit, 500 kHz sampling speed provides 0.05% basic accuracy
  • Ultrafast FFT’s per channel produce measurements in 10ms
  • 3000 V Peak, 50 Amp Peak measurable with internal shunt and optional internal Hall effect CTs*
  • Pre-configured for ballast, motor, power supply, and appliance tests
  • Real-time, ultra-fast, harmonic analysis
  • Application-Specific Configurations
  • External CT and PT capability ratio: 0.000001- 1000000 to 1, for A/V, A/A or V/V
  • Frequency Measurement: 500 μHz to 170kHz, 0.01% of reading
  • Measurement Period: User-defined from 1 mSec to 27.8 hours
  • Watt, VA & VAR accuracy highest of V* Amp error or Amp* V error yields max. error for either Watts, VA, or VAR
  • Accumulation accuracy WHr, VAHr, AHr up to 9999.9 GWHr/GVAHr
  • Timing Accuracy: 0.01% + 10 mSec. start/stop error


Inputs are isolated from each other and ground for voltages up to 3000 Vpk

Setting time

0.0015 mSec (low pass filter disabled)

Low pass filters

User-definable 5 Hz – 250 kHz, or disabled

Filter amplitude accuracy

Add 0.01%kHz for signal frequencies >5kHz, Filter rejection > 40 dB @ 3x selected filter frequency, current and voltage accuracy specifications apply for input signals <0.05x selected filter frequency HARMONIC & SPECTRUM ANALYSIS

Bandwidth: 0.001 Hz to 170 kHz max.

Harmonic: 2047

Max FFT size: 4096 point complex FFT, Typical THD, harmonic, and phase accuracy at line frequencies of 50/60 Hz

THD Accuracy: +/- 0.3%

Harmonic Accuracy: 0.03% of range

Phase Accuracy: 0.1o for freq., <5 kHz, linearly increasing to 5o @ 170 kHz POWER FACTOR ACCURACY

Approximately 0.001 for freq. 10kHz (5 kHz w/filter) increasing linearly to 0.01@200kHz (20kHz w/filter)

Input ranges

Users may select fixed or auto range.

Voltage: 15-30-60-150-300-600-1200 Vrms

Current: Shunt: 0.05-0.1-0.2-0.5-1-2-5-10-20 Arms*

Int. CT: 7.5-15-30-60 Arms

Bypass:12.5-25-50-125-250-500 mV rms,1.25-2.5-5V rms

All ranges allow for up to 2.5X range peak


Better than 0.05% of range

Voltage & current accuracy

DC Volts: 0.05% +/- 0.15% range +/- 50 mVDC

Amp: 0.05% +/- 0.15% range +/- 200 μA

AC Volts/Amp:

0.001Hz-10 kHz 0.05% 10kHz-20kHz

0.10%20kHz-50kHz 0.33% 50kHz-100kHz

0.55%100kHz-200kHz 1.00% 200khz-500kHz


For voltage add 0.05% of range + 20 mV

For internal shunt add 0.05% of range + 100 μA

For shunt bypass add 0.05% of range + 10 μV

Min input > 10% of range (1% with filter on)

High accuracy option

0.05% of reading for freq. 40-400 Hz, and input >25% of range

Hall effect ct* accuracy

DC Amp: 0.15% +/- 0.15%, range +/- 25mA

AC Amp: 0.1Hz-10kHz: 0.25%

10kHz-20kHz: 0.65%

20kHz-50kHz: 2.25%


For AC add 0.05% of range + 10 mA

Crest factor

Better than 2.5 at full-scale input, linearly increasing to 250:1 at 1% of full scale. For max. inputs of 50 Apk, 3000 Vpk

Voltage protection

Up to 3000 Vpk. Max slew rate 2500 V/uSec

Current protection

Max 500 Amp peak via HALL effect CT*Max 15V peak using shunt bypass inputMax. 50 Amp peak using internal shunt

Physical specifications

Power input: 85-265 Vrms autoselect, 40-400 Hz @ 100VA max

Size: 17.71” wide by 7” high by 14” deep

Weight: 28 lbs.

Operating range: 0°C to 50°C, <85% RH @ 40°C non-condensing Storage range: -30°C to 65ºC <95% RH @ 40°C non-condensing Configuration: Benchtop or optional 19”rack mount DIGITAL INTERFACES (standard)

IEEE488 (1), RS-232 (2), Parallel Printer


HA: High accuracy calibration 40-400Hz, 0.05% all parameters

HE 1CH: Internal Hall effect for single-channel analyzer*

HE 2CH: Internal Hall effect for two-channel analyzer*

HE 3CH: Internal Hall effect for three-channel analyzer*

RE: 19” Rack Adapter

*Internal Hall effect CT options not available on CE market units


Two years

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