Virtana – Platform

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Manage your entire IT infrastructure across on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid cloud deployments with precision observability—the combination of AIOps, ML, and data-driven analytics for efficient migration and ongoing performance, capacity, and cost optimization.

With Virtana platform you can:

  • With Virtana Migrate, powered by Virtana Observe, you can accelerate and de-risk migrating existing workloads to the cloud. Plan smarter with our AI, machine learning, and data-driven analytics, combined with our deep understanding of your workloads running on premises, to understand your existing application workloads, infrastructure, and dependencies so you can intelligently prioritize workload transitions, and use process tracking and reporting to gain clear visibility.
  • With Virtana Optimize, you can optimize your cloud capacity and cost in real time to achieve complete visibility into your multi-cloud costs. Scale smarter through real-time data collection and analytics to ensure you stay on budget by proactively identifying wasted resources and expense, rightsizing instances to match capacity needs, and optimizing your programmatic discounts to capture long-term savings.
  • With Virtana Manage, you can simplify your IT operations and manage your entire IT infrastructure with a unified workload-centric approach. Act smarter with intelligent observability, enabled by automated discovery, predictive capacity management, AI-powered analytics, and workload optimization automation, to proactively avoid slowdowns and outages.
  • Digital transformation requires agility and speed to market, but this too often requires a trade-off with security. With Virtana Automate you can benefit from predictive remediations, integration with automation tools to help you drive action, and compliance policy management and auditing through repeatable processes.

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