The New Hypot® Series

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Meet Associated Research's next-generation Hipot Tester. The new Hypot® Series raises the bar for safety and efficiency in production line Hipot Testers. Whether your application requires AC Withstand tests, DC Withstand tests, or Insulation Resistance tests, The Hypot Series Hipot tester provides innovations that will allow you to begin achieving best practices for safety and efficiency without the need for an expensive automated test system or connection to a PC. Stop handwriting thousands of test results and improve traceability with onboard data storage and data transfer capabilities. Automate your production line with a direct barcode connection, which allows you to associate products with pre-programmed test files quickly. Keep operators safe with SmartGFI®, Safety Interlock, and PPE-compatible accessories. You can even connect the Hypot® Series with the HYAMP® Series to form a seamless safety compliance system for Hipot and Ground Bond Testing. The Hypot Series includes the following models: 3805, 3865, 3870.

Test Capabilities

AC Hipot

The AC Hipot Test allows you to stress your product’s insulation with high voltage to ensure it will limit current flow should a fault occur.

DC Hipot

The DC Hipot Test allows you to stress your product’s insulation and limit leakage current output by running a DC dielectric withstand test.

Ground Continuity

Verify the presence of your product’s ground conductor.

Insulation Resistance

Determine the total resistance of your product’s insulation.

Benefits designed with you in mind

Data Transfer

Take the pain out of your data transfer with on-board flash drive support and local data storage. Instantly import test files directly to your instrument during set-up. Save and record up to 1,500 test results directly from your instrument.

Advanced User security

Customize unique user ID and password protection for each user. This ensures test programs remain unaltered by unqualified users.

Prompt & Hold

Ensure each and every DUT is properly tested with custom pop-up prompts displayed in-between each test step.

Barcode Capability

Increase efficiency and production throughput by incorporating a barcode scan. A simple scan will associate your DUT with the test sequence and test data.


Provides maximum operator protection by detecting excessive current leakage in the event a DUT is isolated from ground, instantly saving the test operator should he or she come into contact with high voltage.

Multiple Languages

Testing in Global environments is now easier than ever before. Our instruments can operate in different languages. Simply choose your desired setting.

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