TestStation Inline Automated Test Systems – Inline Handler

מאפיינים מרכזיים

High Speed Automated Handler, with TestStation Model 5X Test Insert

  • Provides seamless integration of TestStation Test Inserts
  • Short set-up time, automatic fixture feed and interlocking mechanisms
  • Maximum flexibility and product scalability within TestStation system architecture
  • Compatible with large boards and scalable pin count capacity
  • Auto-Width or Manual-Width adjust available
  • Anti-Static Conveyor and optional barcode scanner integration
  • Easy maintenance and supportable design
  • Single-Site test system with Test Inert Model 51, equipped with up to 5 pin boards and pin count from 640 to 2560
  • Multi-Site test system with Test Insert Model 52, equipped with up to 10 pin boards (5 per site) and pin count from 640 to 2560 per site
  • Supports Teradyne’s analog only, pure-pin, hybrid and high-density pin cards
  • TestStation Handler Large Format 51/52 compatible with existing TestStation Handler Multi-Site fixtures
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