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High-Performance Integrated Functional Test Platform

The Spectrum-9100 is a fully integrated functional test system for factory, depot, and intermediate test applications. It’s the “go to” tester for users needing a mix of digital, analog, mixed-signal, and bus test capabilities across a wide range of products—from legacy boards to advanced systems.

An open, standards-based hardware and software architecture consists of fully developed, fully documented building blocks. These deliver the flexibility and scalability needed to speed test program set (TPS) development and simplify maintenance.

The Spectrum-9100 is a cost-effective test solution—the field-proven defense and aerospace standard for high-performance functional test. More than 300 systems are currently in use worldwide in factories and depots, as well as commercial avionics maintenance and repair facilities.

Spectrum-9100 systems are at work where defense and aerospace products are tested. Applications include:

  • High-performance functional test for boards, assemblies, and systems used in defense/aerospace products such as avionics, missiles, and vehicles.
  • Applications requiring analog, digital, mixed-signal, and/or bus test including performance digital test, parallel test, real-time bus test.
  • Performs in virtually every test environment including production test, depot repair of new and legacy products, including legacy rehosting.
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