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SPECTRAN V4 HANDHELD spectrum analyser 1MHz-9.4GHz (9KHz optional)

The Spectran V4 generation offers a vastly enhanced feature set with significantly faster sample time, more dynamic range, better IP3, reduced phase noise, greater demodulation bandwidth. The V4 flagship HF-60100 V4 is suitable for Pre-Compliance and EMC/EMI tests.


  • Frequency range: 9kHz – 9,4GHz
  • RBW: 200Hz – 50MHz
  • SampleTime- 1mS
  • Accuracy- +/- 1dB
  • DANL- up to -170dBm
  • DDC Hardware-Filter
  • ADC- 14Bit Dual
  • CPU- 150 MIPS DSP CPU.
  • Sweep-Analyzer
  • Incl. LogPer Antenna
  • Incl. PC Software MCS
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • Dimensions- (L/W/D): (260x86x23) mm
  • Weight- 420gr
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