SKE4 – Resistive electric steam humidifier

מאפיינים מרכזיים

  • קיבולת בין 5 – 120 ק"ג לשעה
  • תחזוקה מהירה וקלה
  • ממשק ידידותי למשתמש, LCD מונחה תפריט

The resistive heating elements of the SKE4 transform electrical energy into heat that boils the water, producing steam. The process allows mineral-free, odorless, and sterile steam to be generated quickly with any water.

Environmentally friendly

No plastic cylinder to replace

Permanent stainless steel evaporation chamber

Optimize the use of boiling water – no unnecessary drain.

  • Capacities – from 5-120 kg/hr
  • Separate and isolated plumbing, controls, and high-voltage sections
  • Remove the stainless steel evaporation chamber with ease; no tools are required
  • Patent-pending water level detection system using two independent sensor technologies
  • Drain water tempered to below 140°F (60°C)
  • Patented Anti-Foaming Energy Conservation (AFEC) System
  • Available with BACnet MS/TP or Modbus communication interface
  • Optional ethernet module for BACnet IP or Modbus IP, and Web services
  • Integrated scheduling system for unit operation, setpoints, and drain cycling
  • Now available with an OSHPD option – the SKE4 meets the requirements of OSHPD Special Seismic Certification Preapproval (OSP)

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