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SCIL (Scan Configured Interface Logic) modules are a range of hardware functions usually pre-programmed into pods that take the place of a regular TAP pod within the JT 37×7 DataBlaster’s QuadPod system. Alternative ‘hosts’ for SCIL functions can also be the JT 2111/MPV (desktop DIOS) or the JT 5112 (MIOS). Currently available SCIL modules for enhancing test coverage are counter/timer and pattern generator/comparator units. Other SCIL modules are used in tandem with a SCIP (Serial Controlled In-system Programming) software options for in-system programming purposes. SCIP/SCIL combinations are used for programming Freescale parts via BDM, and Mono8 interfaces. SPI, I2C, SWD, and Microchip custom one-wire protocols are also supported.

  • Bespoke logic functions that aid test coverage
  • Available as pod plug-in or desktop unit
  • Often used for in-system programming of non-JTAG parts
  • Benefits

  • Expands capability of a JTAG DataBlaster beyond IEEE 1149.1
  • Tests and programs using alternative serial protocols (I2C, SPI, SWD, BDM etc.)
  • Allows custom instruments to be controlled for enhanced functional testing
  • Improves ROI (return on investment) with respect to hardware controller

    JT 2149/MPV-0xx SCIL modules references are as follows:

  • 001 – 32 channels DIOS
  • 006 – low voltage TAP interface for Intel (Atom etc..)
  • 011 – programming adapter Renesas micros
  • 015 – programming adapter HC08
  • 016 – programming adapter HCS08/HCS12
  • 017 – programming adapter HC08/HCS08/HCS12
  • 018 – programming adapter (BDM) MPC500 series
  • 019 – programming adapter ARM SWD
  • 067 – instrument pattern generator
  • 071 – instrument pattern generator/comparator
  • 037 – protocol engine – Dallas 1 wire
  • 034 – protocol engine – Microchip
  • 035 – protocol engine – SPI
  • 036 – protocol engine – I2C (to 3.6 MHz)
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