Sanblaze – SBExpress-RM4 SBExpress-DT4

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The SANBlaze SBExpress-DT4 (Desktop, Gen 4) is a complete turnkey PCIe® Gen 4 NVMe SSD validation test system. With industry leading Certified by SANBlaze automated testing, the SBExpress-DT4 brings Enterprise Class NVMe validation to the developer's desktop.


  • Enterprise class NVMe qualification in a desktop enclosure
  • 100% compatible with SBExpress-RM4 for "Prototype to Production" scaling
  • Priced for individual user, low overall cost of ownership
  • Plug and Play, testing in under five minutes
  • Quiet enough for home, capable enough for the Enterprise
  • Available travel case for portability


  • Slots 0, 1, 2 Gen4 Riser; options for U.2 /U.3 /M.2/EDSFF (short)
  • Slot 3, PCIe x8Slot 4, EDSFF (long) support built-in
  • Slot 5, M.2 (on Motherboard) Dual/Single Port selectable
  • Fan speed control
  • Power up/down testing each device
  • PERST (reset) and HotPlug on each device
  • Power measuring all slots
  • Voltage margining +/- 15%
  • SRIS support and built in tests (optional)
  • Surprise/Graceful removal testing
  • VDM (optional)
  • SMBus and In-Band MI testing
  • FW download via VDM, SMBus and In-Band
  • Gen4 TLP/DLLP/Receive Error monitoring for PCIe Gen4 validation
  • LTSSM monitoring for each device

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