Samba 3.5™- Programmable Logic Controller + Superb HMI

מאפיינים מרכזיים

בקר מתוכנת (PLC) עם מסך מגע צבעוני מובנה ברזולוציה גבוהה.

כניסות ויציאות מובנות.

  • Auto-tune PID, 2 independent loops
  • Recipe programs and data logging via data tables
  • Function Blocks
  • High quality touchscreen
  • Multi-language display
  • Built-in Alarm Screens
  • Mini USB for programming for 4.3″ & 7″models, 1 RS232 for 3.5″ model
  • 2 ports may be added: 1 Serial/Ethernet and CANbus


  • SNMP*
  • CANopen, CANlayer2, UniCAN
  • BACnet, KNX and M-Bus via gateway
  • FB Protocol: for any 3rd party protocol

         General Features: E-mail & SMS, 3G Modem support, Remote access utilities

 * SNMP V1 Trap, SNMP community Name

I/O options include digital, analog, and high-speed. See table below:

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    Visilogic™ Software for Samba 3.5™

    All-in-One programming environment. Simple, fast development for both Ladder and HMI applications.

    Develop your PLC and HMI applications in one environment

    Configure hardware & communications

    Establish modem and data communications

    Test and debug your programs

    Software Utilities Suite: remote access and data management tools

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