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S6053BO-V Reliable 2D and 3D Wire Bond Inspection

The smaller the inspection objects, the more important precision and repeat accuracy are in the inspection. Manufacturers of high-end electronics who place special requirements on the safety of their products rely on these factors in particular. The Viscom S6056BO and S6053BO-V systems give you this certainty by combining the latest 3D measuring technology methods with long-standing experience in wire bond inspection. Additional sophisticated imaging developments are available for highly reflective wires, in addition to the familiar fringe projectors, guaranteeing reliable quality assurance in the bond process. Viscom’s inspection algorithms inspect thin wires, thick wires and ribbons with equal precision. Proven many times over, our systems for 2D and 3D wire bond inspection can also be integrated in complex network environments.

  • Targeted configuration: Maximum resolutions including height information
  • Custom handling options
  • Camera modules for flexible application scenarios
  • Unique analysis of bonding wires and ribbons in all common materials and strengths
    Integrated verification
  • Scalable, modular camera technology and 3D measuring function



System housing



1100 mm x 1650 mm x 1692 mm (W x H x D)


813 mm x 1715 mm x 1055 mm (W x H x D)





Camera technology:

XM bond in different variants, XMplus

Inspection processes:

2D, 3D

Megapixel S6056BO:

Up to total of 121

Megapixel S6053BO-V:

Up to total of 2x 25

Orthogonal camera:

Up to 2.5 μm resolution – others upon request

Field of view size:

Depends on camera technology





PCB dimensions for S6056BO:

Up to 300 mm x 400 mm – also available with custom transport systems and workpiece carrier fixation

PCB dimensions for S6053BO-V:

Up to 300 mm x 300 mm – also available with custom transport systems and workpiece carrier fixation





User interface:

Viscom EasyPro

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