RadMan 2

מאפיינים מרכזיים

Personal radiation monitor for electric and magnetic fields.
RF Safety instrument supports up to 60GHz

The RadMan 2LT and RadMan 2XT Radiation Monitors are warning devices for the protection of people who work in areas where increased levels of electromagnetic radiation.

    Main features:
  • In accordance with ITU-T Rec. K.145
  • Compliant with ICNIRP 2020
  • Simultaneous E-field and H-field monitoring with shaped frequency response
  • Automatic sensor test when switched on
  • Highly visible alarm LEDs, loud buzzer plus vibration alarm
  • Versions with adjustable alarm thresholds available (XT)
  • 800 hours of operation on a single charge
  • HF absorber minimizes the body effect
  • Isotropic monitoring away from the body by simply releasing it from the holder
  • Detection of short pulsed signals (XT)
  • Perfect for outdoor use (IP65)
  • Data logger for permanent recording
  • USB-C interface for faster data transfer and battery charging

The RADMAN Sensors: Isotropic E-field and H-field sensors, diode-based system.
Directionality- Isotopic (3-axis).
Integration time of input signal- 1S (2XT- Switchable between 1 s and 30 ms (Pulse))
Frequency range- E-field- 50MH-8GHz (2XT 900KHz – 60GHz for ICNIRP 98 Occ. For other std look at item spec.)
Frequency range H-field- 50 MHz to 1 GHz (2XT- 27MHz-1 GHz for ICNIRP 98 Occ, SC6. for other std look at item spec.)
Sensitivity- < 1% of standard RF exposure by LED display- 5/10/25/50/100/200% of standard. Overload limit (sinusoidalcontinuous signal)- - 20 dB over standard, but not more than 10 kV/m or 26.5 A/m. Data logger (ring memory)- 2,880 events (2XT- 100,000 events) Recorded data- Exposure values max./avg./min. with time stamp, separate for E-field and H-field.

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