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QuadView is a powerful set of scalable board viewing modules that can be used either as a standalone viewer or fully integrated within customer’s applications.
QuadView’s unique digitization capability allows users to create schematic views directly from searchable PDF files, and the innovative ‘Netlist Navigator’ provides virtual schematic views reconstructed directly from a board netlist.
Layout views can be created from industry standard formats such as, GENCAD, CAMCAD, FATF, ODB++, or directly from any native CAD layout data such as Cadence, Mentor, Zuken, etc. See complete list
The fault ticket analyzer provides full interaction between component and net references in any type of paperless repair fault ticket, exported from test, repair or inspection systems.

Ease of Use

Powerful, scalable visualization environment, consisting of schematic, netlist, layout and fault ticket viewing modules that can be used either standalone or integrated within customer’s applications. No pre-processing of CAD data needed.


Unique digitization capability that creates a schematic view directly from a searchable PDF file. Fully interactive with layout and Netlist Navigator.

Netlist Navigator

Reconstruct “virtual schematics” directly from a netlist, to provide a visual netlist navigation capability that includes advanced nodal detail.

Layout from native CAD formats

Create layout view from standard CAD formats such as GENCAD, CAMCAD, FATF, ODB++, or direct from native CAD layout data.

Fault ticket hot-links

Anyone who can surf the WWW can learn to use QuadView. Navigate between component and net references that appear as highlighted hot-links within the paperless fault ticket.

Fully Interactive Cross-probing

Cross-probe between layout, schematic and netlist viewers, and other products within the ASTER portfolio such as TestWay and Quad.

Flexible color assignment

Visualize test coverage and component pin properties using the QuadView color assignment palette, to simplify analysis and fault class recognition.

Functional test editor

Declare functional test coverage on both component and pin level. Simplify functional test diagnosis with the “Sherlock” algorithm.

Short-circuit search assistant

Reduce the time to locate short-circuits by intelligently highlighting areas where solder bridges are most likely.

Legacy product support

Migration Kit provides full backwards compatibility with legacy products DebugPlus, RepairPlus and FaultView.

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