Powered Device Analyzer PD Testers

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PoE Powered Device Analyzer
IEEE 802.3bt & 802.3at Power-over-Ethernet
Emulator for Type-1 to Type-4 PSE’s, powering 2-pairs and 4 pair upt to 41W or 71.3W at all PD input voltages. Optionally supports 802.3at/bt PD Conformance Test Suite and LLDP emulations.
The PDA-604A support all efined above.
The PDA-602B is older product without 802.3bt support.

The One-Box solution for 802.3 PD verification including flexible emulation of PSE behaviors, scaleable feature configurations, and plug’n’play testing using a Windows PC

  • Scaleable PSE and Cable Plant Emulations
  • Optional Automated PD Conformance Test Suite(s)
  • Optional Automated Load Monitor Assesses Average, Peak, Tcut Window, and MPS Power Compliances
  • Accurate Metering: Voltage, Current, Power Sampling at PD Interface
  • 10/100/1000Base-T Switched Network Interface for Remote PD Control
  • USB Interface for Plug'n Play Instrument Control
  • PDA Interactive Graphical User Interface
  • PowerShell PDA Interactive Scripting Environment
  • Binary API (DLL) for Integration to other Programming Environments
  • Extensive Reference Documentation
  • Compliance Tested for Safety and Emissions
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