Calnex Paragon-neo

מאפיינים מרכזיים

  • Industry-leading Time Error solution delivering sub-ns accuracy – essential for validating 5G network devices.
  • Addresses all 5G Enhanced Time requirements up to 100GbE.
  • Validate SyncE Jitter and Wander, ESMC and PTP to ITU-T G.826x and G.827x standards.

Standards Conformance

  • Complete test solution for ITU-T Class-C and Class-D devices.
  • High performance hardware combined with test-driven software to control stimulus, impairment and measurement for robust testing.
  • Automatically generates PTP and ESMC messages, Time Error and SyncE impairments, and applies filters, metrics and masks.
Optical Interfaces (all optional) 10GbE: SFP+
100M: SFP
25GbE: SFP28
40GbE: QSFP+
100GbE: QSFP28
Electrical Interfaces 1000/100 BASE-T: RJ45
External Reference Clocks Lock internal timing reference to external reference.
External reference inputs: 64 kHz, 2.048 MHz, 10 MHz, T1 BITS clock (1.544 Mb/s), E1 MTS (2.048 Mb/s).
Internal Reference Clock Frequency stability over temperature – better that ±1 x 10-9.
Short term phase stability – better than 500 ps.
Rb Option – for future upgrades (optional).
Clock Reference Output Ports 2 x 10 MHz/2.048 MHz Reference Outputs (BNC).
Phase Measurement 1 pps – BNC (unbalanced).
1 pps – RJ (balanced).
1 pps + ToD Reference Input 1 pps Unbalanced Input (BNC), 1 pps Balanced Input + ToD (RJ48C).
ToD format: CCSA, ITU-T, NMEA.
1 pps + ToD Reference Output 1 pps Unbalanced Output (BNC), 1 pps Balanced Output + ToD (RJ48C).
ToD format: CCSA, ITU-T, NMEA.
Standards IEEE 1588-2008
G.8273.2 including Class-C and Class-D devices.
G.8272 including Class-B devices.
All relevant G.826x/827x standards.
PTP Time Error Measurement Accuracy Better than 1 ns for 1G and above Optical interfaces.
Better than 5 ns for below 1G and all Electrical Interfaces*.
Master/Slave Emulation Emulate PTP master with full parametric control.
Emulate PTP slave.
Add Time Error patterns e.g. G.8273.2, G.8271.1, G.8271.2, G.8261, user-defined.
Time Error Metrics Built-in (CAT) software including industry-standard ITU-T pass/fail masks with clear pass/fail indication.
Time Error (2Way and 1Way) – packet selection and filtering as per ITU-T specifications cTE, dTE, etc.
PTP Packet Analysis Decode and display PTP Fields with PFV.
(Additional options with full PFV licence: Display pass/fail to standards-based or user-defined rules; report generation capability.)
Jitter/Wander Measurement ITU-T G.8262.1, G.8262 and O.174. Jitter/Wander Generation, Wander Transfer, Jitter/Wander Tolerance, Phase Transient, built-in frequency offset plus generation of sinusoidal, MTIE and TDEV Wander.
Wander Analysis Built-in (CAT) software including industry-standard ITU-T pass/fail Masks with clear pass/fail indication.
ITU-T Masks: G.8261, G.8262, G.8262.1, G.8261.1
Wander Measurements: TIE, MTIE, TDEV, clock FFO.
ESMC (SSM) Features Decode ESMC messages to ITU-T G.8264 and graph/plot Quality Level (QL) changes graphically (bi-directional).
Generate ESMC (SSM) packets as per ITU-T G.8264. Enhanced SSM fully supported.
Phase Wander Measurement Resolution 250ps
PC/Mac or Tablet Control Interface Web-based GUI with built-in controller enables use of any PC or Android Tablet with any browser with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. RJ 45 LAN connection to instrument.
Workflow Graphical test-case driven workflow with real-time status and results.
Stimulus/Response test configuration tool.
Detailed configuration options also available.
Remote Control Scripting via TCL, Perl and Python.
Automatic Script Recorder for TCL, Perl and Python.
Compatible with Calnex Test Sequencer (CTS) for creation/use of specific or user-defined test plans.