OMNIA® II Series

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Associated Research's OMNIA II Series is a complete line of multi-function Electrical Safety Testers designed to satisfy even the most demanding application requirements. We’ve included exclusive productivity-enhancing features and the latest in safety technology to make this product line the envy of the industry. With 6 models to choose from, a multi-language menu system and a variety of automation interfaces available, the OMNIA II is the Electrical Safety Tester ready for global deployment. The OMNIA II Series includes the following models: 8204, 8254, 8206, 8256, 8207, 8257.


Provides maximum operator protection by detecting excessive current leakage in the event a DUT is isolated from ground, instantly saving the test operator should he or she come into contact with high voltage.

Active Link®

Maximize testing efficiency by maintaining continuous power to the device under test during a leakage current testing sequence.

My Menu

Retrieve information you require easily by customizing your instrument’s interface with quick links to your most-used screens.


Seconds matter. Reduce your total test time by performing Hipot and Ground Bond tests simultaneously.

Internal Scanner

Increase throughput with no additional rack space required by performing multi-point sequential Hipot or Ground Bond tests with this optional internal multiplexer.

Modular Scanner

Increase throughput for your test environment by virtually adding an endless number of Hipot or Ground Bond test points with our SC6540 modular multiplexer. With 8 combinations to choose from for each SC6540 module, this scanner is the ideal solution for high throughput production with reduced operator error.

Multiple Languages

Testing in Global environments is now easier than ever before. Our instruments can operate in different languages. Simply choose your desired setting.


Ensure your instrument’s failure detectors are functioning properly before testing with this simple, intuitive built-in process.


AC Hipot

The AC Hipot Test allows you to stress your product’s insulation with high voltage to ensure it will limit current flow should a fault occur.

500 VA

Output 100 mA of AC Hipot/Dielectric Withstand test current. OMNIA II meets the 200 mA short circuit requirement for 500 VA Hipot Testers.

DC Hipot

The DC Hipot Test allows you to stress your product’s insulation and limit leakage current output by running a DC dielectric withstand test.

Ground Bond

Verify the integrity of your product’s protective earth ground conductor to prevent electric shock should a fault occur.

Ground Continuity

Verify the presence of your product’s protective earth ground conductor to prevent electric shock should a fault occur.

Insulation Resistance

Determine the total resistance of your product’s insulation.

Leakage Current

Ensure your product’s leakage current remains at acceptable levels during 8 different fault conditions.

Functional Run

Verify that your product is working properly before shipment.

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