NetScout – nGeniusONE

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Real-time Visibility & Analysis for Transforming Network, Application, and UC Environments
nGeniusONE monitors the performance of the cloud, virtual, co-lo, and on-site data center platforms running today's government, healthcare, and business services. nGeniusONE assures remote user experience by monitoring capacity and performance of VPN, VDI, UC, and healthcare delivery services.

  • Performance Analysis
    At-a-glance views into overall service performance required keep your business up and running on all networks and all platforms.
  • Service Dependency Mapping
    Reduces migration risk by visualizing “hidden” client/server relationships and messaging performance.
  • Application Analysis
    Business- and protocol-specific monitors, with metrics for troubleshooting and improving end-user experience.
  • Session Analysis
    Drill down from sessions and packets for detailed forensics – all without 3rd party tools.