Matchstiq Z3u

מאפיינים מרכזיים

Matchstiq Z3u RF standalone SDR platform. It has Quad core CPU with Ultrascale + high performance FPGA and runs using Linux Ubuntu. It is RF Transciever with GPS support.

The Matchstiq Z3u expands on the features of Matchstiq Z2 with a quad-core processor, USB 3.0 interface and also includes a GPS disciplined oscillator, external 10 MHz + PPS inputs, and an externally accessible microSD card slot.

Main features:

  • CPU- Quad-core ARM running Ubuntu 18.04 Linux
  • FPGA- Xilinx® Zynq® Ultrascale+ ZU3EG SoC
  • Storage- 128 GB eMMC + microSD card slot
  • I/O- USB 3.0 OTG interface
  • RF- Supports 2-channel phase coherent Rx or 1Tx + 1Rx with integrated pre-select filters
  • GPS / Clock- GPS disciplined oscillator / 10 MHz + PPS inputs

Measuring less than 92mm x 70mm x 19mm Weighing in under 160gram

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