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The JT 2147/eDAK is a new variant of the JTAG Technologies QuadPOD signal conditioning interface specifically designed for use within a MAC Panel ‘Scout’ mass interconnect interface. The unit integrates both the JT 2148 transceiver circuitry plus four independent, programmable TAP modules (two of type JT 2149 and two of type JT2149/MPV) on a single board that matches the MAC Panel Direct Access Kit (DAK) form factor. Overall this configuration offers four Test Access Ports, 64 Digital IO Scan channels and reconfigurable (SCIL) capabilities

    • Four TAP QuadPod technology
    • Match to DataBlaster PXI controllers
    • Simplifies wiring to mass interconnect interfaces
    • Benefits

    • Allows direct connection to JT 37×7/PXI
    • Ensures high signal integrity right to the point of test
    • Simplifies connection and wiring in functional test applications
    • Benefits from high degree of RF shielding/noise immunity
    • Includes 64 channels of digital IO
    • Four boundary-scan TAPs (test access ports) rated to 40 MHz
    • Enhanced signal integrity for high data rates

    • Additional signals for fast flash programming
    • Programmable I/O voltages (outputs 1.0V to 3.6V, inputs 0.5V to 1.8V)
    • MAC Scout Direct Access Kit form factor
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