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The JT 2137 pod remains a popular choice for DataBlaster controller installations that require a compact signal conditioning pod embedded within a test fixture. The JT 2137 features four test access ports which together may be set for 5v or 3.3V TTL thresholds, although additional plug-in adapters are available that allow alternative thresholds to be set on a TAP by TAP basis (contact your local sales office for details). The 20-way 0.1″ IDC TAP headers comply with the standard JTAG Technologies 20-way pin-out and provide the additional flash programming controls Read/Busy and AutoWrite.

    • Four JTAG TAPs at 3.3V or 5V
    • Compact size
    • Easy mounting option for fixtures
    • Benefits

    • Fully Compatible with JTAG Technologies DataBlasters
    • Four Test Access ports using standard JTAG Technologies pin-out
    • Available as /13 open-frame variant supplied with SCSI cable splitter
    • Four independent IEEE std 1149.x test access ports
    • SCSI-II (/12 variant) or flat cable (/13 variant) connections to DataBlaster
    • 3.3V or 5V programmable with LED indicator
    • Dimensions 20 x 67 x 105 mm

    • Weight 110 g
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