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The JT 2128 DIOS module increases fault coverage and improves the diagnostic resolution. The JT 2128 provides bi-directional parallel-scan access to up to 133 I/O channels grouped in three segments, each of which can be individually bypassed. The JT 2128 is designed for easy insertion in standard 168-pin DIMM sockets either on a target board, JT 2702/DDC break-out module or in a test fixture.

    • Enhance test coverage
    • Improve diagnostic resolution
    • Easy insertion in target boards or test fixtures
    • Benefits

    • Compatible with 168-pin DIMM sockets
    • Programmable voltage
    • Improves fault coverage
    • ‘Customisable’ functionality via Altera FPGA
    • 128 channels of JTAG controlled DIO
      Programmable functional test logic
      I/O voltage ‘self adaptive’ within range of 1.8-3.3V
      TCK speed upto 30 MHz

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