HypotULTRA® Series

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Associated Research's HypotULTRA Electrical Safety Tester is the premier line of Electrical Safety Testers for Laboratory and Production Line settings. In a world where data is king, HypotUTLRA improves traceability with on-board data storage and allows you to automate Electrical Safety Testing with a variety of communication interfaces. Increase efficiency with our direct barcode scanner connection and intuitive touch screen interface. Models 7804 and 7854 are a 4-in-1 solution with the addition of 40A AC Ground Bond test capability added to HypotULTRA’s already impressive feature list. HypotULTRA is a dielectric withstand tester designed to take your production line to the next level.

Make Hipot type testing more productive by automatically raising or lowering the output voltage between test steps rather than performing multiple tests at different voltages.

Data Transfer
Take the pain out of your data transfer with on-board flash drive support and local data storage. Instantly import test files directly to your instrument during set-up. Save and record up to 10,000 test results directly from your instrument.

Barcode Capability
Increase efficiency and production throughput by incorporating a barcode scan. A simple scan will associate your DUT with the test sequence and test data.

Multiple Languages
Testing in Global environments is now easier than ever before. Our instruments can operate in different languages. Simply choose your desired setting.

Provides maximum operator protection by detecting excessive current leakage in the event a DUT is isolated from ground, instantly saving the test operator should he or she come into contact with high voltage.

Internal Scanner
Increase throughput with no additional rack space required by performing multi-point sequential Hipot or Ground Bond tests with this optional internal multiplexer.

Modular Scanner
Increase throughput for your test environment by virtually adding an endless number of Hipot or Ground Bond test points with our SC6540 modular multiplexer. With 8 combinations to choose from for each SC6540 module, this scanner is the ideal solution for high throughput production with reduced operator error.

Negative DC Hipot
Provides a reverse polarity DC dielectric withstand test output. Maximize testing capability by testing product insulation in both polarities.


Test Capabilities

AC Hipot:

The AC Hipot Test allows you to stress your product’s insulation with high voltage to ensure it will limit current flow should a fault occur.

500 VA:
Output 100 mA of AC Hipot test current. HypotULTRA meets the 200 mA short circuit requirement for 500 VA instruments.

DC Hipot:
The DC Hipot Test allows you to stress your product’s insulation and limit leakage current output by running a DC dielectric withstand test.

Ground Bond:
Verify the integrity of your product’s protective earth ground conductor to prevent electric shock should a fault occur.
*Models 78X4 only

Ground Continuity:
Verify the presence of your product’s protective earth ground conductor to prevent electric shock should a fault occur.

Insulation Resistance:
Determine the total resistance of your product’s insulation.

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