High Speed Subsystem

מאפיינים מרכזיים

Software-defined, Reconfigurable Solutions for High-Speed Digital Test Applications

HSSub™ is a software-defined family of PXIe Instrumentation that can be integrated and scaled to support digital test applications throughout the product life cycle from design verification to production and sustainment.

HSSub instruments are configured via software, allowing them to easily adapt to test requirement changes and eliminate the need to add instruments to support system upgrades. The modular and open architecture enables equipment reuse, easy addition and expansion of test capabilities, and cost-effective long-term deployment.

HSSub architecture consists of three main components:

  • HSSub Apps Software controls HSSub instruments and provides reconfigurable test functionality and programming API for test developmentare integrates and manages HSSub instruments and support modules while coordinating communication to the host test system
  • HSSub TriFlex™ Softw
  • HSSub PXIe Reconfigurable Instruments programmable via HSSub App software to support a variety of test requirements and configurations
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