Flying Scorpion FLS980Dxi

מאפיינים מרכזיים

The FLS980™ Series of Flying Probe testers, help ensure that tomorrow’s technologies don’t outpace today’s test capabilities. Acculogic’s production board test systems offer highly advanced, scalable solutions to solve a wide range of test challenges. Our automated test systems are made to accommodate a variety of applications and customers. We offer an unbeatable combination of reliability, accuracy, precision and throughput.

  • Superior Test Access
  • Exceptional Test Coverage
  • Ultra High Accuracy
  • Patented Multi-Probe System
  • Power-On and Advance Function Testing
  • Design Recreation Tool
  • Test large boards
  • Faster than open loop systems (1.5x)
  • High acceleration (4x)
  • Enhanced probing accuracy
  • Three times better dynamic response +/- 1 degree rotation
  • Automatic orthogonality between X and Y axis
  • Sensorless homing (no adjustments)
  • DSP based motor controller
  • Built-in linear and parabolic interpolation (more efficient shuttle movements)
  • Closed Loop Drives for shuttles and probe modules ensure precise and repeatable positioning of the probes
  • Riding on 20 micron air gap, shuttles travel free of friction and with no mechanical contact on the stator plane and therefore operate free 
of wear
  • High resolution fiducial detection cameras, precise lighting, and advanced image processing software ensure precise and repeatable detection of fiducial marks on the UUT as well as correct compensation for any offsets
  • LaserScan profiles board warpage
  • Electronic measurement system relies on precision circuits and components for reliable and repeatable measurements
  • Integrator™ system control software with sophisticated motion control and measurement algorithms ensures robust and repeatable operation.
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