מאפיינים מרכזיים

Epiq RF Analyzer (ERA) is a software application that enables viewing and recording of RF spectrum activities, using Sidekiq SDR cards to capture RF signal and display. Basic ERA shows the RF spectral view, but expanded features such as recording and playback for visual spectrum and IQ data are available with ERA Pro.

ERA’s fast sweep speeds and advanced triggering capabilities allow you to track faint or short duration signals across time and frequency domains. ERA’s different recording capabilities can save your signal data (either I/Q or visual), capturing spectrum history that shows not only the signals of interest, but also when they occurred. Historical events can be replayed from a file, ensuring forensic capture of even fleeting data for rigorous analysis after the event.

Main features:

  • Sweep mode for wideband display
  • Stare mode for IQ recording
  • IQ display
  • Fast sweep
  • Event trigger
  • Recording – Sweep or IQ stare (ERA Pro only)

SW tool for Epiq SDR inside computer, Matchstiq and others platforms.

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