APT – 8500 Series

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The time has come to redefine your AC Power with our brand new 8500 Series. The APT 8500 Series is the most power dense and functionality rich source in our history, giving you improved capability, functionality, and a reduced footprint all in one series. These new models provide an output voltage up to 310 VAC and an output frequency ranging from 5 Hz – 1,200 Hz making it the obvious solution for all kinds of applications. Not to mention, an enhanced interface to all models completely designed with the end-user in mind.

  • Easily upgrade and keep your command set from 6000, 7000, or 300XAC Series with the legacy program mode
  • 14 pre-configured waveforms allow you to simulate nearly any abnormal condition on your DUT by simply selecting the waveform you would like to output
  • With expanded output voltage to 310VAC and output frequency of 5Hz to 1200Hz, the 8500 provides a single, simple solution to meet a variety of testing applications
  • High power density with a reduced overall footprint offers you the flexibility you need to use your 8500 series power source in either a bench top or rack mount application
  • Programmable mode option allows you to easily simulate voltage surges, voltage drops, voltage pulses, voltage sweeps, DC bias and frequency sweeps to help make meeting the specific needs of your testing application easier than it has ever been


Model 8505 8512 8520 8540
Power Output 500 VA 1250 VA 2000 VA 4000 VA
Voltage Output 0 – 310 VAC 0 – 310 VAC 0 – 310 VAC 0 – 310 VAC
Max Current 5A @100V / 2.5A @ 200V 12.5A @ 100V / 6.25A @ 200V 20A @ 100V / 10A @ 200V 40A @ 100V / 20A @ 200V
Frequency 5 – 1200 Hz 5 – 1200 Hz 5 – 1200 Hz 5 – 1200 Hz
Phase 1Ø2W 1Ø2W 1Ø2W 1Ø2W

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