Ai-762 Versatile VXI Analog Instruments

מאפיינים מרכזיים

Standards-based test instrument combines legacy functionality with advanced parallel test capability.

Ai-762—the newest member of the Ai-760 Series in the Core Systems Instruments (CSi) family—is a standards-based integrated test and measurement tool that consolidates traditional instruments into a single-slot VXI package.

It enhances ATE analog and mixed signal test capabilities, eliminates multiple discrete instruments, and reduces physical tester footprint.

The Ai-762 provides extensive analog functionality, including digital multimeter (DMM), digital sampling oscilloscope (DSO), and multi-channel tester-per-pin capability (waveform generator, digitizer, timer/counter) enabling parallel stimulus/measurement of the Unit Under Test (UUT).

These features make it the ideal analog stimulus/measurement instrument for ATE system integrators, who need to leverage existing test program sets (TPS) while capturing the benefits of advanced operational test. These features result in superior test performance, faster throughput, and lower overall cost of test.

  • Complete Analog Subsystem with Multi-Function Analog (MFA) channels.
  • Tester-per-pin channels.
  • Physical consolidation of traditional analog instruments.
  • Operational test capability.
  • Parallel Test capability.
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