AC Servo: Drives & Motors

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שליטה מלאה מספק אחד.

החומרה: כוננים, מנועים, כבלים (סטנדרטיים ורובוטיים) – כולם נתמכים בצורה חלקה על ידי ה- PLC, HMI, ו- VFD של יוניטרוניקס.

התוכנה: תוכנה משולבת אחת ליישום הפעולה המלא שלך: PLC, HMI, Servo, VFD ו- I / O

זה פשוט, אנחנו עושים את העבודה בשבילך!

  • Configure all the equipment: PLC, HMI, Motors, Actuators
  • Build API, HMI and Motion applications
  • Configure and implement all communications, including Industry   4.0
  • Servos, Motors, PLC, HMI – Instant Integration -Absolutely seamless
  • Communications – Totally transparent, automatic setup and management
  • Easy Operation
  • Ready-Made Motion Code
  • Get moving immediately – No programming needed!
  • Download Ready-Made Motion code and tap a panel – even mobile – to:
    – Set motion parameters
    – Monitor Axis behavior and I/Os
    – Execute movements, such as Point-to-Point, Jog, and Homing
  • Minimizes Error: UniLogic software analyzes mechanical properties and recommends safe values for your application
  • Diagnostics: View servo run-time performance via UniLogic’s built-in powerful, high-speed scope
  • Tune your system: Using only one single parameter

Enhanced Vision controllers and VisiLogic make motion easy:

  • Communications: Automatic setup, absolutely seamless integration
  • Easy Operation
  • VisiLogic software supports unit conversion
  • VisiLogic is supplied with a simple sample application – Adapt to your specific needs and get moving!
  • Motion programming is easy, via VisiLogic’s Motion FBs – PLCopen compliant!